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Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

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TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria and its partners on the Han Asparuh exploration have established a long-term relationship with Sofia University – the oldest school of higher education in Bulgaria. This is in line with our policy of supporting academic institutions in the country and educating qualified Bulgarian specialists in the Geosciences and Energy field. During the years various donations of equipment, renovation of laboratories, creation of career center, training courses and field practicums for students have been undertaken with  the Geology and Geography Faculty the Physics Faculty and the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

To formalize this relationship, TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria signed a framework cooperation agreement with Sofia University in 2015, which has been later extended. As an example of our commitment under the agreement, specialized geology and energy transition courses were organized with TotalEnergies Professors Association which secured experienced international lecturers. In the last 8 years, 12 courses were held in SU with more than 170 participants. 

In September 2019, the renovated and modernized chemical laboratory at the Geology and Geography Faculty was opened thanks to the financial support of TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria and its partners. The renovation included the installation of a modern air conditioning system and the supply of laboratory fume hoods, acid resistant fans, safe cabinets, laboratory island, muffle furnace and a drying oven.

As of 2019, TotalEnergies EP Bulgaraia is also sponsoring annually the Summer and Winter school “Energy management” for Master degree students, PhD students and professionals from the energy industry, organized by Utilities magazine and the Center for educational services at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.



In 2022, TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria became the co-founder of the Educational and Research Laboratory “Sustainable Business Models and Practices” (ESG Lab) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The ESG Lab is the first scientific and training center in the field of sustainable management in Sofia University. It contributes with research and educational products related to the development and application of environmental, social and governance aspects of business.