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Need to change your motorbike oil? Doing it yourself is easy! Let me show you how to change your oil in just 30 minutes! First, remember that your oil should be changed every 5000 km.

You’ll need a seal-tight container for collecting the used oil, a pair of gloves, paper towels, a drain plug gasket, a funnel, an oil filter that fits your motorbike, a drain wrench and a filter wrench. That’s it, you’re all set! Place your vehicle on a flat surface and make sure the engine is slightly warm and has been turned off for about one minute.

Place the drain container under the crankcase.

Remove the oil fill plug from the crankcase. Then carefully unscrew the drain plug using the wrench. Be sure to watch for splattering oil, and wait until the oil has completely drained.

Unscrew your old filter. You’re now ready to clean the oil fill plug and drain plug and replace the oil filter gasket.

Pour a small amount of oil into your new filter using the funnel, and deposit a thin layer of oil on the new gasket. Then, clean the oil fill plug and drain plug. Replace the drain plug gasket as well.

Replace the filter manually and make sure that the plug is tightened in the manner specified by the manufacturer.

How to fill the crankcase with new oil? Before you begin, make sure you have selected the oil recommended by the manufacturer. To do this, refer to your vehicle manual.

Now, carefully pour the oil into the crankcase using a funnel.

Wait 2 minutes, and then insert the fill plug.

Start up your motorbike and run the engine for a few minutes. Check your oil level again and repeat the process several times if necessary until your oil reaches the maximum level without ever going over.

You’re now set for a safe ride. Stay tuned for new themes to maintain your engine.