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Our Values

Total is on the move, Total is changing and becoming TotalEnergies.
Net Zero at TotalEnergies is more than just words and more than just an aspiration. It's a path we have chosen to take with determination. It stands for tangible investments and developing skills. It represents a path that will mean exacting standards for us and patience for our stakeholders.

It will require us to rely first and foremost on ourselves and to trust in our values: Safety, Respect for Each Other, Pioneer Spirit, Stand Together and Performance-Minded.

Safety is a daily battle that needs to be waged with humility and vigilance. We can never drop our guard with respect to safety. We always treat it as a matter of both individual and collective responsibility. We can only be sustainable if we are safe and reliable. At TotalEnergies, one person’s safety is everyone’s safety. 
Respect for each other
Respect for each other is a value in which every word has equal weight. It puts people at the center of our collective project. Each day, we strive to embody this principle by maintaining good work relations and listening to each other, paying the and paying attention to the quality of labor relations within the company. 
The pioneer spirit
The pioneer spirit gives us the boldness, sense of adventure and courage to conquer new territories and resolutely embark on a strategy that welcomes other energies. Every day, it encourages us to be curious and innovative and teaches us how to adapt and overcome adversity. This value has driven us in the past, still drives us today and will continue to do so tomorrow.
Stand together reflects how we interact, as seen in the team spirit that enables us to confidently face the unknown together. With respect to our employees, we stand our strength as a team. Outside the organization, this value compels us to shoulder our responsibilities, whether in business or to society. Above and beyond our contractual obligations, we work hand-in-hand with local communities to foster development in our host countries.
A performance-minded attitude describes how we work. The size and cost of our projects and the industrial risks that we manage require the utmost professionalism. That is why we set such high standards: just doing something is not enough; we have to do it exceptionally well. Like our other values, this culture will enable us to achieve our ambition of becoming the responsible energy major.

The values of safety, respect for each other, a pioneer spirit, the need to stand together and a performance-minded attitude represent that part of TotalEnergies’s identity that is shared by all. Day in, day out, these values guide our actions and our relationships with stakeholders while serving as the foundations for achieving our collective ambition, which is to be a world-class player in the energy transition.