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TotalEnergies places sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its strategy, projects and operations to contribute to people’s well-being and aims to be a benchmark for endorsement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
TotalEnergies is transforming to reinvent energy and become a world-class player in the energy transition, engaged towards getting to net zero by 2050, together with society.

Being a responsible energy company also means contributing to the well-being of those who live on our planet. That ambition applies first and foremost to our employees, whose skills and commitment are the primary factors driving our long-term performance.
Our aim is to be a model employer and a responsible operator, and for that purpose we draw on the principles at the heart of our business model and our Code of Conduct, which applies to all of our operations worldwide, especially safety, respect for each other and transparency in our social engagement.

Our ambition is to place environmental performance at the heart of our projects and operations and pay particular attention to the responsible use of the planet’s natural resources.
TotalEnergies takes care to manage the environmental impacts of all its operations according to the Avoid – Reduce – Compensate principle.
The first step is to avoid any impacts wherever possible. If an impact cannot be avoided, the Company uses best available technology to reduce it and, as a last resort, compensates any residual impacts.
The Company has set three priorities to take care of the planet’s resources: preserving biodiversity, protecting water resources, and practicing circular resource management.
With operations in 130 countries, and activities throughout the energy value chain, TotalEnergies aims to generate shared prosperity with its various stakeholders.

The Company is committed to ensuring that its businesses and projects create value, as well as positive change. To this end, TotalEnergies acts in compliance with its Code of Conduct in interactions with all of its stakeholders: employees, customers and partners, host states and communities, civil society representatives, suppliers and investors.


The Company is now reporting every year its progress in the field of sustainability and climate with a dedicated report.

The Sustainability & Climate 2023 Progress Report aims to provide a transparent account on achieving our ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050, and our tangible, day-to-day progress in implementing actions to support this sustainable transition.
The Company sets out its ambition step by step and this includes the need to meet growing energy demands and continued investment in oil to ensure a reliable yet affordable energy supply for the many in the years to come.
The report also details medium and long-term objectives for TotalEnergies to strengthen its multi-energy strategy and establish itself as a major energy transition player.