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Most people overlook checking engine oil. It’s easy to do, but can cause major damage requiring thousands of dollars of repairs. You need to check motor oil before any long trip to avoid major damage. In case of use for work, we recommend that you check your oil level daily.

Checking car oil is quite easy

We recommend that you check the oil level in the morning when the engine is cold and most of the oil has run down into the engine’s oil pan. The oil pan forms the bottom of your engine and is the reservoir for the engine oil. You will need a clean cloth or paper towels, a can of oil and a funnel. We also recommend wearing disposable gloves. Use only the recommended oil for your engine. Find the right TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil for your engine at LUBE ADVISOR.

How to check your car oil

  • Step 1: Put your car on a level surface and turn the engine off. Make sure the engine is cool.
  • Step 2: Lift the hood and secure it.
  • Step 3: Locate the dipstick: it’s usually a color that stands out (often yellow, red or white). If you cannot find it, check the owners’ manual.
  • Step 4: Check the engine oil with a towel, take the dipstick out, wipe it clean and check the high and the low marks at the tip of the dipstick. The dipstick is immersed in the oil in the oil pan.

How to check motor oil level. Reinsert the dipstick, pull it out and check the oil. If your engine oil level is below the low mark, you will have to add more. Do not fill up over the maximum level.

Even if your oil is black, it may still deliver the required performance.

How to top up your oil:

  • Put the dipstick back, being careful that it does not touch anything and pick up engine dirt.
  • Remove the oil filler cap, normally located on the top of the engine. If you cannot find it, check your owner’s manual.
  • Use a clean funnel. If you cannot, turn the container upside down.
  • Pour in the amount necessary.
  • Put the cap back on.
  • Recheck the level to make sure it is below the maximum level. Overfilling can damage the catalyst. Start with a small amount and repeat the procedure as necessary.
  • How to check my oil: Watch the video below on how to check your oil in a car with our TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils