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Total is committed to producing better energy. Part of this means using and recycling our products, especially oils. Most Total affiliates work in partnership with oil recycling companies.

In partnership with Veolia, Total developed Osilub, a plant that uses cutting-edge technology to regenerate used oils.

Check out the video below that shows our recycling plant, with the help of which waste oils are recovered.

Another example is the partnership between TOTAL and LUBCOLLECT, which launched in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) a new service for waste oil collection. Total Nordic has recently collaborated with one of the leading recycling companies, Stena Recycling. Together, they have created a safe, effective waste collection service for litter, fuel and oil filters. Through this cooperation, TotalEnergies customers have access to recycling services: Stena recycling have created a service center with a direct number and specialized staff for collecting used oils from their locations.