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The winners celebrate with TotalEnergies lubricants every day. The exciting victories that make our childhood dreams a reality. And then there are the daily victories, the ones that make us proud and pursue the challenges we face day after day.

Today, we will take you behind the scenes and reveal some of the secrets of TotalEnergies Oil.

Due to their productivity, TotalEnergies oils eliminate dirt, protect against wear and corrosion, act as sealants and reduce temperature, helping to increase productivity. Lubricants limit friction by facilitating the free movement of multiple mechanical parts that come into contact with each other.

In fact, TotalEnergies brand lubricants make up 35% of the engine's cooling function.

For more than 100 years now, TotalEnergies oils have been striving to innovate to extend the life cycle of the engine, protecting it from wear and corrosion to reduce fuel consumption, thanks to the special Fuel Economy oil specification, which optimizes vehicle maintenance expenses through less frequent oil changes.

By using TotalEnergies oils, you take good care of all the key mechanical centers of the car - engine, transmission, brakes, boxes and axles.
… And working in the toughest conditions…

… For each market segment: light vehicles for transport, construction, agricultural machinery, drilling and mining, handicrafts, waterways and fishing.

The TotalEnergies range of lubricants was originally developed for racing and the benefits of cutting-edge scientific research. Developed in close collaboration with our automotive partners, they are increasingly innovative!

Our lubricants are approved and recommended by a large number of vehicle manufacturers and are suitable for all their vehicles. For now and in the future, TotalEnergies lubricants are committed to developing a range of products that meet environmental standards, energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Our performance is measured on race tracks around the world.