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TotalEnergies QUARTZ XTRA

TotalEnergies QUARTZ

The new range TOTAL QUARTZ XTRA - products of the highest class

TotalEnergies introduces its new range of QUARTZ XTRA. Top-class products that can meet two of the major trends among car manufacturers, namely reducing engine volume as well as turbocharging and engine hybridization and electrification. The range features many technological advantages such as technology for long-term engine cleanliness and protection against wear. But that's not all, the new range has been improved with Eco Science technology, a technology that allows significant fuel savings of up to 33% compared to industry standards, leading to significant reductions in CO2 emissions. The range has numerous approvals and it is adapted to the latest engines from first-class car manufacturers.

TOTAL QUARTZ XTRA with Eco-Science technology is the first choice that meets all user needs!



TOTAL QUARTZ XTRA offers solutions and benefits for the engine and the end user.

The range brings with it numerous advantages such as:

  • The new generation of lubricants are suitable for the latest hybrid engines and those with internal combustion
  • Eco-Science technology improves engine life and efficiency, optimizes engine care and reduces fuel consumption
  • The lubricants in this range will not only remove impurities and protect your car's engine, but will also provide additional benefits such as significant fuel savings and optimal care at maximum performance.

The QUARTZ XTRA range consists of:

  • QUARTZ 9000 XTRA, suitable for vehicles without aftertreatment systems;
  • QUARTZ INEO XTRA, suitable for vehicles with after-treatment systems.
Quartz 0w-20