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You’re wondering why you need to top-up your oil. Basically, it extends the life of your engine by protecting it from wear and tear that can’t be repaired. The above video explains how to top up your oil, which needs to be done every 2000 kilometers

Step one: Check your engine’s oil level

You’ll need some gloves, kitchen paper and a funnel. Make sure your vehicle is on a flat surface

Your engine still needs to be warm and switched off for a minute

To check your oil level, pull out the rod which is normally yellow or orange and located near the engine

Pull it out as far as it will go, then put it back in its tube. Wait a few seconds before taking it out to check the oil level. The minimum and maximum levels are marked at the end of the rod. If the level is below the minimum mark, top-up your oil immediately. Most vehicles have a warning light on the dashboard. If this light is yellow or red, you need to stop as soon as you can to check your oil level and top it up if necessary.

Step two: Top-up your oil

Start by checking that your lubricant matches the manufacturer’s recommendations. Check the owner’s manual for more details. Gently unscrew the cap of your tank to add some oil. Check the oil level again, and repeat several times until the oil has reached the maximum mark, without going over it, then put the cap back on your tank.

It’s now safe to drive! We look forward to giving you more lubricant advice in the future.