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The lubricants in the TotalEnergies range for PASSENGER CARS are key to the life of your engine.

TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants contain three main components: the first is the base oil. Its composition and properties vary according to how demanding the requirements are to be met by the four product ranges, TOTAL QUARTZ 5000, TOTAL QUARTZ 7000, TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 and TOTAL QUARTZ INEO. The original properties of the base oil are radically enhanced by adding two other components: polymers and performance additives.

The various functions of lubricants are fundamental to ensuring that your engine stays in good condition:

  • They protect it against all the causes of wear by reducing friction and corrosion,
  • They prevent your engine from overheating,
  • They ensure good cylinder compression and maximum engine efficiency,
  • They ensure that your engine is clean by preventing the deposit of various impurities.

Some lubricants in the TOTAL QUARTZ range go further than this, helping you to:

  • Save on fuel consumption,
  • Protect the post-treatment systems fitted to the most recent engine systems.

The TOTAL QUARTZ range meets all of the above requirements and helps optimize the operation of your engine. 



Quartz Ineo MC3


The TOTAL QUARTZ INEO range comprises synthetic technology lubricants with formulas optimized to reduce SAPS content*. The performance obtained is at the highest level currently available. The most demanding vehicle manufacturers recommend the use of TOTAL QUARTZ INEO engine lubricants irrespective of style of driving or type of use.
In addition to offering protection, cleanliness and maximum performance, this range reduces environmental impact. This is because the depollution systems fitted to the most recent engines can operate at maximum capacity and will be able to reduce the emission of pollutants. These post-treatment systems, which are sensitive to the lubricants used and costly to maintain, enjoy long-term protection thanks to special Low SAPS formulas.


  • A new generation of lubricants for all gasoline and diesel engines
  • Optimum operation of depollution systems
  • Reduced car servicing costs for the user
  • Appropriate for all uses, even the most intensive

* Low SAPS = Low levels of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS).


Quartz 9000




The TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 range comprises synthetic technology lubricants. The use of chemical compounds for these formulas makes it possible in particular, to provide improved thermal stability (cold, when starting the engine, and hot, during intensive use) as well as longer life for the oil and maintenance of its properties over time. These lubricants meet the needs of servicing plans with extended oil change intervals. The addition of polymers and special additives ensures that lubricants in the TOTAL Quartz 9000 range suit the most demanding applications and totally satisfy all the demands that lubricants may need to meet.


  • For all types of use, even the most intensive
  • Greater fluidity when cold for easier starting
  • Enhanced detergent and anti-oxidant functions for optimum engine cleanliness
  • Designed for the highest-performing engine technologies: in particular, PSA, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia, BMW, Ford, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz


Quartz 7000



The base oils in the products of the TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 range combine mineral base oils and synthetic base oils. The composition of the selected base oils gives these lubricants special properties (improved fluidity when cold). As for the additives, these give them enhanced detergent and anti-wear properties.


  • Enhanced engine cleanliness
  • Engine protection against all forms of wear
  • Limited oil deterioration between oil changes
  • Enhanced resistance to temperature variation effects


Quartz 5000



The TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 range of lubricants is formulated using mineral base oils to which additives and polymers are added.

•    The technical qualities of TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 lubricants suit them for standard types of use.
•    Advantages:
- Protection against engine wear
- Prevents fouling of vulnerable moving parts

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