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Health, safety, security and environment policy

For TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD which is active in Lubricants, Antifreeze, Special Fluids in Sales business, HSSE (Helath, Safety, Security Environmental) is integral part of the business reponsibility as a core value of the company.

Article 1: Priorities

TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD holds as a top priority people's health and safety, health and safety in its activities, respect for the environment, customer satisfaction and listening to their stakeholders.

Article 2: Compliance with Rules and Regulations

TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD strictly complies with all laws, regulations, codes and standards applicable to its activities and provides monitoring to ensure compliance. TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD is in full cooperation with the government, legal and local authorities.

Article 3: Health, Safety, Security and Environment

To ensure the health, safety, security of people and protection of environment while performing activities, TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD allocates various resources, implements, appropriate management policies and programs, in particular – compliance to One-MAESTRO framework, conducts trainings, perform audits on relevant topics.

Article 4: Industrial Risk Management

TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD assesses Health, Safety, Environment, Security and Road Safety risks arising from its activities and takes action to reduce them to the lowest practical levels. TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD seeks continual improvement in HSSE and Road Safety with a vision to protect his employees, customers, service providers and environment from incidents such as death, injury, occupational illnesses, fires and property damages.

Article 5: Emergency Preparedness

For an effective emergency response, TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD establishes Crisis Management Cell and implements emergency procedures.

Article 6: Environment

TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD continuously drive down the environmental and health impact of its operations by managing its energy consumption, emissions in environment, production of final waste, recycling and reducing use of natural resources. thereby contributing actively to sustainable development while protecting natural resources and reduce environmental footprint.

Article 7: Road Safety

TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD allocates appropriate resources, uses existing technologies, carrying out audits and action plans in order to safely sustain all the road transport activities. Trainings, road safety activities/campaigns are organized routinely to increase the awareness on road safety among TotalEnergies employees and transport contractor drivers. TotalEnergies employees and contractors, travelling by road vehicles either as a driver or a passenger for business purposes, strictly obey TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD road safety policy and rules.
At TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria EOOD all employees and contractors are responsible for the implementation of this policy by exemplary personal behaviour.