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06/06/2021 News

Total E&P Bulgaria contributes to enhancing of professional education

For the eighth consecutive year Total E&P Bulgaria provided learning opportunities for Bulgarian students. This initiative is performed within the framework cooperation agreements with the partners from Bulgarian Universities.

At the end of May, lecturers from the Association of professors and experts from Total (Total Professeurs Associés - TPA) held online a 5-day professional course "Climate Change and Energy Transition". Students from Sofia University, Naval Academy and young professionals had the chance to learn about the new trends in the energy industry and to discuss the challenges it must meet on the transition pathway.

After the assessment of the individual papers, Professor Benoit Luc, shared the lecturers’ satisfaction from the active participation in the course and the way the 23 participants applied their knowledge on work with real cases.

During the official closing of the course, the General Manager of Total E&P Bulgaria thanked the participants for their keen interest in the important topic of climate change as well as Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of SU, for his significant contribution to the perfect realization of the course.