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03/11/2023 News

Sustainab'ALL Day 2023 as One-TotalEnergies Bulgaria

The employees of TotalEnergies (M&S, E&P and AS24) in Bulgaria celebrated together the Sustainab'ALL Day on 09.10.2023. 

Together, we reviewed the 10 Sustainab'ALL KPIs and played 3 fun games: 

  • brainstorming session where everyone had the chance to share ideas how we can contribute to the sustainable development of the Company and our society, 
  • VISA Pocket Cards, where our colleagues knowledge on new and sustainable energies was tested, 
  • kiloWHAT by greenflex, where our colleagues had the task to sort various sources of energy, according to their CO2 footprint. 

TotalEnergies has structured its sustainable development approach for conducting its activities so as to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to which TotalEnergies committed its support in 2016.
In 2023, it is planned that each site, business unit and subsidiary of TotalEnergies around the world adopts a progress plan with targets to be achieved by 2025, and each plan to be based on actions directly linked to the local activities of the entity concerned, as close as possible to the field. These plans form the Sustainab’ALL program through which TotalEnergies materializes its contribution to sustainable development.