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17/01/2024 News

Info letter phishing attempts

Dear Partners,

Due to recent attempts of phishing fraud with the corporate identity (logo, name, identification data) of TotalEnergies, we would like to urge you to pay attention to e-mails, you may receive and inform you of the following:

The structure of the official email addresses, as well as the official domains (what comes after the @ symbol) in the TotalEnergies group are:
[email protected]
[email protected]

The letters received from other derivative domains do not originate from our Company and are made with a fraudulent purpose of deceiving the recipient: obtaining confidential information, accessing your devices and accounts, or other type of fraud.

How to recognize a phishing attempt:

  1. The sender has a misleading email address or their domain, and in most cases the structure of his e-mail address, differs from the company they claim to be with.
    Example: [email protected] instead of [email protected]
  2. The email asks you for personal information.
  3. The email was totally unsolicited by the user; it contains a link or an attachment you’re asked to do something with.
  4. The email promises you personal gain and contains a very attractive offer. Examples: “Big savings!” or “You’ve won the drawing!”
  5. The email requires an urgent response (example: pressuring you to take some kind of action) or suggests you’ll suffer consequences if you ignore it (example: lose money or have your service cut off unless you act).
  6. You’re asked to send money to pay expenses.
  7. The email appears to come from a government agency (tax authority, Social Security) or, more generally, from an organization you might have heard of.
  8. Fraudulent emails generally use a generic greeting such as “Dear Customer.”
  9. The email may contain spelling or grammar mistakes.
  10. Trust your instincts. If something seems suspicious to you, it probably is!


TotalEnergies Marketing Bulgaria