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Health, Safety and Environment are absolute priorities for TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria. We are committed to avoid injury to people and harm to the environment resulting from any of our operations while respecting the principles of sustainable development.

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TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria has developed and maintains an HSE Company Management System which provides the structure for the integration of health, safety, environment, societal,  business  and operational elements into one cohesive and effectively managed process based on the highest standards. 

The HSE Quality Policy forms the common foundation for the Company’s management frameworks and sets out the basic principles applicable to health safety, environment, security, quality and societal commitment.

In addition, TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria. has developed and implemented a robust and documented emergency response system based on the Incident Management System. It is a harmonized system for the management of emergency situations described by a good practice guide of IPIECA and can effectively deal with situations having the potential to develop into a major accident. All members of the emergency response teams are trained, and their competence is assessed in a series of exercises and drills.

TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria encourages a positive HSE culture through strong leadership from management and supervision, involvement from safety representatives and workforce, personal responsibility and a spirit of openness and cooperation.

Our ambition is to place environmental performance at the heart of our projects and operations and pay particular attention to the use of the planet's natural resources. We take care to manage the environmental impacts of all our operations according to the Avoid – Reduce – Compensate principle. TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria strives to control its energy consumption, its emissions in natural environments, its residual waste production, its use of natural resources and its impact on biodiversity. 

In accordance with local legal requirements and its own principles, TotalEnergies Bulgaria evaluates and monitors the environmental impact of its operations.

TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria takes a constructive approach on HSE matters that is based on transparency and dialogue when communicating with stakeholders and third parties.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Best-in-class Environmental Protection

In 2020, during the seismic acquisition survey international industry guidelines including for minimizing acoustic disturbance to marine mammals were followed and measures were taken to observe and protect marine mammals.

Mitigation protocols have been developed and implemented to reduce the risk of adverse impacts on marine mammals including "soft-start" and "shut-down" rules based upon Passive Acoustic Monitoring and visual monitoring of marine mammals and birds to monitor the exclusion zone (500 m) around the sound source and to delay or stop operations should any marine mammals be observed within the safety zone. The data received from marine mammals observation with recording forms and sighting photos was shared with the relevant Bulgarian institutions.