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Energy and Environment Awareness campaign for schools

For the last 7 years TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria has been successfully carrying out an energy and environment awareness campaign in schools on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Educational initiative that involves an interactive presentation on energy related topics

TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria staff members have been providing pupils with information and short videos about the different types of fossil and renewable energies. They have discussed with the teachers and their classes the challenges of responsible generation, supply and use of energies to achieve a balance among the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations. Energies guide with comprehensive illustrations, games and crosswords has been also distributed to the children.

The campaign started in cooperation with the educational departments of Varna and Burgas Municipality and with the Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities. So far, it has reached 1120 children from 22 schools in Varna, Burgas, Shabla, Kavarna, Durankulak, Byala, Primorsko, Staro Oryahovo and Pchelnik and Sofia.